Housingest Netowrk s.r.l. offers an exclusive free and no obligation first session of consultancy to all congregations.

Planning and Design

Surveys, feasibility studies, preliminary projects, executive projects, accounting, trials, administrative permits, refurbishment of restricted buildings, environmental security clearance.

Our services:

– Architectural design.

– Plant design.

– Environmental planning.

Including all the paperwork and authorisation procedures.


Refurbishments, demolition and reconstruction, new constructions, upgrading and makeover of heating, electrical and IT systems and plumbing, structural consolidation, compliance with seismic legislation and enlargements.

Our services:

– refurbishments

– new constructions

– exteriors (parks and gardens)

– any kind of enlargement


Complete management of student accommodation, sports facilities, religious institutes and schools, with own cleaning and maintenance staff.

Our services:

– Ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance

– Construction

– Plant design

– Environmental

– Student accommodation management

– Religious reception centres

  • architectural design

  • refurbishments

  • ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance

  • plant design

  • new constructions

  • construction management

  • environmental planning

  • exteriors

  • environmental

  • paperwork and authorisation procedures

  • enlargement

  • student accommodation management and religious reception centers


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